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With Handy PowerWash will not only truly clean your home and exterior surfaces but we will bring it back to life.

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Professional Power Washing Services

The Dirty, Black, and Green, you see is all the build up of a lovely thing called mother nature. However she sometimes isn't so pretty and lovely. With Handy PowerWash will not only truly clean your home and exterior surfaces but we will bring it back to life.

With our state of the art equipment and custom blend of chemicals there’s nothing we can’t do to save your home and surfaces. There is no better way to preserve and protect the life of your home and surfaces then truly cleaning it. Getting all that dirt, grime, and algae not only off but eliminating it.

Conventional power washing could potentially damage your home and surfaces, also can not truly clean it, we don’t use high PSI its a soft washing method we use. Relying on our years of knowledge and experience in our chemicals to help keep your home safe, clean, and protected for the next battle with mother nature.

Handy Power Wash Service LLC.

Who We Are

My name is Tom Valletto President of Handy PowerWash Service LLC & Valletto’s Handy Man Service; also proud comrade of the United States Marine Corps. I started off working along side my father, ever since I was old enough to swing a hammer. My father Tom Valletto senior owner of A1 Quality Decks and general contracting Inc.

Taught me all there is to know about construction. Ranging from all types of work from decks, to building, repairing, and maintenance. However he taught me to the most important rule of all being in business, which is making your customers happy and satisfied and knowing they can trust you with the work they want done. I then left him to be recruited into the marine corps where I seemed to learn his words of wisdom once again while I was in boot camp. Trust, loyalty, and being faithful “Semper Fi”.

Once I got out I started a HandyMan company Valletto’s HandyMan Service then I stumbled upon many cases of power washing work. I came to noticed not only houses but all exterior surfaces were being damaged and ruined by the algae, mold, mildew, and everything in-between. I did tons of research and experimenting to discovered that there is a more effective way to clean and save the life of peoples homes and exterior surfaces.

Just like the marine corps a small branch I noticed there only but a small branch of PowerWashers in this field to help fight and protect peoples homes and surfaces. I found that it was my duty to serve, protect, and save. We take pride in all of our work no matter if the jobs big or small we always insure the job is done right, with the best quality work.

This company has Marine Corps core values instilled in it. Being a Marine it's all about Trust, Loyalty, and being Faithful, SEMPER FI! We will take care of you like our own, a brother or sister. You are our family!

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